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Dragonball AF Episode Guide

In keeping with the spirit of our Dragonball AF section, we have a hypothetical episode list for the entire Dragonball AF anime series:

Xicor Saga:
001. Appearance of Xicor
002. Xicor's Mission: I Have a Wish...
003. It's the 7 Star Ball!
004. Piccolo's Feelings
005. Xicor Attacks!
006. The End of Krillin and Yamcha!?
007. Hitsorashi - Shows us your Power!!
008. Tien's New Technique; Solo Fusion!!!
009. Hitsorashi Defeated! Motchani Emerges
010. Trunks, Don't Be a Fool!
011. Piccolo to the Rescue
012. No Match for Motchani
013. Gogeta vs. Motchani
014. Help Me Xicor-sama!!! Motchani's Defeat
015. Five Days Free
016. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber
017. Everyone! Train Now for the Battle with Xicor!!
018. Gotenks' and Piccolo's Turn
019. Bulma's Discovery
020. Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr.
021. Pan's Turn
022. The Battle Begins!
023. Xicor, The Incredibly Powerful Fighter!!
024. Z-Warriors vs. Xicor, Xicor Wins with Ease!
025. Gohan's Super Powers
026. Goodbye Gohan
027. Goku's Revenge! Find Vegeta?!
028. Xicor vs Gogeta
029. Xicor Defeated!
030. Return the Dragon Balls
031. Goten, Go Study!
032. Earth is Back to Normal

Super Goku Saga:
033. The Wish for Gohan
034. Gohan Returns to Earth
035. Chi-Chi's Crazy!
036. Trunks' Training with Pan
037. A New Enemy! Identify Yourself
038. Karoenisch is Looking for the Dragon Balls!
040. Karoenisch vs. the Z-Fighters
041. Vegeta's New Attack
042. Gotenks' Full Power!
043. Goku's Angry! Transformation!
044. Goku Super Saiyan vs. Karoenisch!
045. Karoenisch Defeated, but Goku Goes On!
046. The Super Powers of Gogeta Super Saiyan 5
047. Karoenisch at his Maximum Power!
048. Gogeta Jr. Attacking Karoenisch
049. Gogeta and Gogeta Jr. are the Strongest Team in the Universe!
050. Karoenisch Finally Defeated
051. Back to the Normal Life
052. Piccolo Starts Training Again
053. Videl Visiting Mr. Satan
054. Goten's New Job!
055. A New Life!

Final Battle Saga:
056. Gotenks and Vegito
057. The Training of Piccolo
058. A New Warrior
059. Who is this Guy?
060. Gogeta versus the Evil Okster
061. Gogeta Overloaded!?
062. Okster is the Strongest
063. Gogeta Fails!
064. Goku and Vegeta, the Ultimate Duo!
065. Vegeta's Transformation
066. Goku's Knock Out!
067. The New Power of Gogeta Super Saiyan 5!
068. Okster, Don't Run!
069. Gogeta Wins!
070. The Super Saiyan 5 Story
071. Bulma's Report
072. Popo's Birthday!
073. Goku's Story

Great Saiyan Saga:
074. The Evil Guys Arrive!
075. Piccolo Gone Mad
076. Goku Finds New Creatures
077. Gouyky and Nomanisch!
078. Vegeta to the Recue
079. Gogeta vs. Gouyky and Nomanisch
080. Fusion of a Fusion?
081. Nomaykygosch the New Fusion
082. Gogeta's Powers Awaking
083. Nomaykygosch Defeted
084. A Call of Dende
085. Piccolo's Story
086. The Z-Warriors Together Again
087. On to Planet Namek!
088. Training in the Space Ship
089. Welcome on Planet Namek
090. Dende's a Warrior
091. Dende Shows Piccolo his Power
092. Dende's Wish!
093. The Warriors are Ready
094. The Wish
095. Return of Cell!
096. Super Saiyan 4 Trunks vs. Cell!
097. Cell Defeated!
098. Team, Split up
099. Okster has Returned!
100. Okster is the Ruler Again!
101. Gogeta's Newest Power
102. Okster Defeated
103. Broly?
104. Another Super Saiyan 4!
105. Gogeta Junior is Down!
106. Gotenks' Fails
107. Cooler?
108. Gogeta vs the Double Duo!
109. Cooler and Broly Defeated
110. The Evil Garlic Junior!
111. Trunks and Goten's Power
112. Garlic Junior Defested!
113. Nappa, a Super Saiyan?
114. Dende Neads Help!
115. Gohan Kill Nappa!
116. An Old Enemy
117. Vegeta vs Vegeta?
118. Vegeta Defeated
119. An Old Brother
120. Raditz a Super Saiyan 3!
121. Pan is a Girl, but is not a Weakling!
122. Raditz Defeated
123. The Return of Kid Buu!
124. Goku, What's Wrong?
125. Kid Buu Defeated
126. Goku, What are you Doing?
127. Evil Goku
128. Stop Goku!
129. Gohan and Vegeta vs Evil Goku!
130. Goku's Back to Normal!
131. A New Transformation!
132. Back to Planet Earth
133. Life is Back to Normal, Start training!

Mystic Dragon Ball Saga:
134. Pan's Boyfriend!
135. An Evil Guy
136. What's Wrong with Gogeta?
137. Gogeta is Evil!
138. Evil Gogeta
139. The Mystic Dragon Ball
140. Z-Warriors are Ready to Fight!
141. Goku, Vegeta, We Need You!
142. What's This, a Super Saiyan 6?
143. Gohan's Mystic Powers Won't Work!
144. Gogeta Jr. Loading Up!
145. Gogeta Jr. is a Super Saiyan 5!
146. Evil Gogeta vs. Gogeta Jr.
147. Gotenks' Discovers the Weakness!
148. Where are you Goku and Vegeta!
149. Piccolo's New Power!
150. Goku and Vegeta's Arrival!
151. Evil Gogeta is Escaping
152. The Search for Evil Gogeta
153. No Sign of Evil Gogeta
154. The Mystic Dragon Ball is Found!
155. What's This!?
156. The Power of a Super Saiyan 7!
157. Evil Gogeta vs. Gogeta!
158. Evil Gogeta is too Strong
159. Gogeta Knows the Weakness!
160. Evil Gogeta is Weak
161. Give up Evil Gogeta!
162. Evil Gogeta Defeated
163. Back to Roshi's Place
164. Roshi's Fainted
165. The New Form, Super Saiyan 7
166. Bulma's Explosion of Anger!

Earth Saga:
167. The World's Oldest Fighter; My name is Sansho
168. Awake After 900 Years!
169. Sansho, the 133rd Kami-sama!?!
170. Dragon Rock! Knowledge of a God!!
171. Goku's Request
172. Goku vs. Sansho
173. Super Saiyan Defeated!! Sansho you Win...
174. Tien's Decision
175. Sensei
176. Tien and Sansho Off to Train

Ultimite Saga:
177. Collect the Dragon Balls!
178. The Wish
179. Where are we?
180. A Smart World
181. The Perfect Beings
182. A Time Machine?
183. Who is Potoschy?
184. Let's Go!
185. A Trip in 5 Minutes!
186. The Other Side of the Galaxy
187. People can Read Minds!
188. The Guards of Potoschy
189. They're Just too Smart!
190. Vegeta and Goku Show Their Powers
191. Potoschy is a Bad Guy!
192. The Battle vs. Potoschy!
193. Potoschy is no Match
194. Potoschy Gives up
195. Search for the Dragon Balls
196. No Sign of the Dragon Balls
197. The Hope is Lost
198. A Dragon Ball?
199. It's the Dragon Balls!
200. The Wish to Return!
201. The Old World Returns
202. Vegeta's End
203. Vegeta Jr. is Now Vegeta!
204. Good Bye Guys, See You!


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