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Jengking Merah Book 13 Episode 51-54[Chinese]

To fill up the blank, then I released Chinese version of book 13. Enjoy.

Download Now:

[Link updated]

Jengking Merah 51
Jengking Merah 52
Jengking Merah 53
Jengking Merah 54


fix388995 said...

bro, katne link version chinese ni ye? ade plan nak translate x?

cyclonmaster said...

Aku tak berapa paham soalan ni. Kat atas tu link aku dah bagi. Nak translate yg ni belom masuk dlm plan lagi.

fix388995 said...

sori. maksud aku website mana ko dpt link jengking merah original version ni? blh bg link x?

Anonymous said...

ltk r yg translate nyer jengking merah episode 51 - 54...

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