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Another Trick to optimize your Slowmyx Connection

This method is known as hammering the B-ras.

Now, the new method is going to be revealed. What are we going to talk about is related with your IP address. You need to know your IP address first. So, go to this site to check your IP number.
If you got another number than 218.111.xxx, and 219.95.xxx, be prepare to reconnect your ADSL modem until you get the IP number started with that. Why do I say this? It is because sometimes, IP address other than that will have a problem accessing online games, IRC, due to slow ping time. It is related with technical aspect and I suggest that you also learn stuff such as IP range from Wikipedia to get a clearier view about it.
Well, we have just finished doing some tricks to optimize our internet connection using streamyx. Does your connection improve? If yes, then congratulation. If not, maybe we will have to wait for a few days hoping it will become stable later.
Good Luck Hackers!


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