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Let's Join Paypal Wishlist - EARN UP to $100 USD.

I believe that most of you are familiar with PayPal, if not, it's an eBay company. I know most of you are familiar with eBay- an online classified ads (like Buying and Selling).

What is a PayPal? PayPal is how individual and businesses receives money online.

PayPal is widely used in the United States but not yet in Asia. One of the best way to capture the market in South Asia is thru promotion. So here's the GOOD NEWS comes!

“Share the PayPal WishList with your friends via Facebook, and for each friend who downloads and creates his or her own PayPal WishList from your invitation, we will pay you an additional $1 USD (up to the maximum total sum of $100 USD per PayPal account)”

PayPal.com has a good to offer. Now you can earn up to $100 from Paypal Wishlist. What is Paypal Wishlist? It is facebook application ease people to buy product on their wishlist. In this program, PayPal will give you up to $100.

It’s easy to start this promo event. You just register to Paypal Wishlist program, then you’ll generate $1 directly to your earning. After that what you need to do is just referring your friend to do the same thing, and you’ll get $1 for everybody registered through your referral link. Through this way, you can earn up to $100. Easy way right?

Here is simply details on How it works:

1. You should have Facebook account. Have not yet? Register http://www.facebook.com

2. Click Here to join PayPal WishList application

3. Submit your Paypal email address at the form provided. If you don’t have Paypal account, just make one through https://www.paypal.com

Step To Create Paypal Account[ It's FREE]

Here's a step by step process on How to Make a Paypal Account.
This guide will walk you through the process of signing up for paypal up to verifying your email address.
Step 1
Sign up for an account by visiting the PayPal website and clicking the "Sign Up Today!" link located at the bottom of the page.
Step 2
Select your country or region and pick the account type of your choice.
Personal Paypal Account - For individuals who shop online.
Premier Paypal Account - For individuals who buy & sell online.
Paypal Business Account - For merchants who use a company name or group name.
All these account can be upgraded anytime after sign up. So it doesn't really matter what you pick at the start. If you're an individual just using paypal to buy online, pick the Personal account. If you are looking to buy and sell online or wants to earn online, pick the Premier account. The business account would be tough to register as paypal would need EIN to confirm that you are a business.
Step 3
Fill up the sign up form.We are almost there! :)
Step 4
Enroll a debit card or credit card.Paypal will ask you to enroll a credit card or debit card so you can deposit money into your paypal account. But you may skip this step and log in to your account by click the "Go to My Account" link.
Step 5
Logging in to your Account Overview. To activate your Paypal account you have to
1. Click on the verification link on your email, sent by Paypal.
2. Enroll a credit card or debit card.
Congratulations! You just created your very own Paypal Account! You can now receive money by using your email that you used in the sign up process.

4. You get $1 after joining Paypal Wishlist

5. Create and share your wishlist to your friends

6. You’ll earn $1 for every friend you refer who add Paypal Wishlist application. You’ve got money!


1. You can buy premium rapidshare or premium megaupload etc.
2. You can shopping online via ebay etc.
3. Or you can sold your paypal money to me, just give me email: cyclonmaster@gmail.com

In order to qualify for this Program, you must follow their Terms & Condition:

1. Successfully complete registration for a new PayPal account within the Promotion Period or already have an existing PayPal account prior to the Promotion Period. If you don’t have Paypal account, just make one through Paypal.Com

2. Submit to PayPal via the Paypal Wishlist and within the Promotion Period, the email address to which your PayPal account is linked;

3. Be at least of 18 years of age, and have a PayPal account with a valid registration address in relation thereto located in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia or Singapore (“Eligible Countries”);

4. Have a PayPal account in Good Standing, with current contact information throughout the Promotion Period. In order for an account to be deemed in Good Standing as that term is used herein, the account must not have a hold status and/or be suspended or past due as of December 31, 2009;

5. Complete the downloading of the Paypal Wishlist, and use the same to create a PayPal WishList, within the Promotion Period.

You will be entitled to $1 USD for your own Paypal Wishlist, plus an additional $1 USD per friend who uses your invitation to create his or her own PayPal WishList, provided your friend has a PayPal account.

Each person is only entitled to create one (1) PayPal WishList. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event your friend receives more than one invitation, only the person whose invitation is used to create the former’s PayPal WishList, will be entitled to the $1 USD.

You will be notified by PayPal no later than February 28th, 2010, via email or any other method as PayPal may from time to time determine, of how much you have earned.

Prizes will be credited to your PayPal account as per your submission to PayPal via the Paypal Wishlist, no later than February 28th, 2010. If you do not provide Paypal.com with this, Paypal will not be able to deposit your earnings.

To submit the PayPal email address you would like linked to your PayPal WishList, go to the Paypal Wishlist and click the link below to the ’submit your email address’ in the upper left side of the page. Any cash prizes to be paid to your PayPal account, will be credited in the currency as set out herein and currency conversion fees (if applicable) or any other related fees, will be borne solely by you.

Join now, refer your friend, and get $100. So simply!



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