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Suddenly my monitor is dead. I cannot switch it ON. When I push the On button, light GREEN come on and then quickly off again. Haiyooo..... what now :(

I'm opening the casing cover and investigate any defective components.

1) First thing to check of course the fuse.....Looks OK . Checked with multimeter.. yes, it is still OK.

2) 2nd thing to do is checking all other cmponents.

--->Found 2 capasitors 1000uF 16V 105celcius in abnormal condition.

Looks ok to me, but still unsure of it.

Replacing the defective components with new 1000uF 16V 85celcius. I cannot find any store that selling 105celsius type capacitor. Hopefully it can stand the heat.

Assemble all parts again..Yayyyy... It alive again. Thanks to my brain again :)


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