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[PS2] pcsx2 svn 2561

Latest version of this great emulator PS2 for PC. It's been a long time ago that I had posted the latest version of pcsx2. Now enjoy this huge changes with great speed and compatbility.




r2562 +1 Spu2-x: A few quick changes to get it compiling in Linux again. Today (8 hours ago) arcum42
r2561 +1 IPU: Folded a few related variables into a struct. Today (8 hours ago) arcum42
r2560 +2 Forgot to check if my changes compiled with the new dmac stuff disabled. Thanks Pashifika.kasuru for pointing it out. Today (15 hours ago) gigaherz
r2559 +1 Chagne a few thigns around for the spu2-x Irq flagging. If this breaks anything please tell. Yesterday (17 hours ago) gigaherz
r2558 Experimental sliced transfer stuff for spu2-x in the new dmac code. Probably doesn't make anything better, and it could slow down the iop a tiny bit while doing DMAs. Yesterday (17 hours ago) gigaherz
r2557 "giga: PlainDMAWrite((u16*)data,bytesLeft); << not bytesLeft/2 ? Fixes sound in many games" whoops. Yesterday (19 hours ago) gigaherz
r2556 Pull the IPU Fifo code out of IPU.cpp into its own file. Yesterday (23 hours ago) arcum42
r2555 +2 -1 Hackfix a problem with sio2 in the new dmac. It needs some changes to the dmac system (possibly a dmaStart function with more accurate information) to be implemented properly but for now, this will do. Also make the autodma messages work like before so they are configurable again. Feb 02 (2 days ago) gigaherz
r2554 +5 Experimental implementation of spu2 interface for the new iop dmac. It's implemented only on SPU2-X and disabled by default. FF12 and Atelier iris had working FMVs and bgm, other games might not Try at your own risk. Feb 02 (2 days ago) gigaherz
r2553 +9 Adjusting the previous VIF interrupt cycle change, so it now checks for a known to be slow operation and gives it a bigger delay. Timesplitters 2 works again. Feb 02 (3 days ago) ramapcsx2
r2552 +1 LilyPad: Fix for detecting devices whose instance IDs have changed (Either due to to changing OS or USB port). Modified unplugged device behavior to match PadNull. May work better with unplugged pads, may not. No clue, just know the old behavior didn't work that well. Feb 01 (3 days ago) MattMenke
r2551 +3 SPU2-X: - Ok, skip the whole runtime reset, since we don't know (yet) what vars need to be reset, and more importantly, when. - Makes it possible to disable the specific BIOS hack we had. :) Feb 01 (3 days ago) ramapcsx2
r2550 newVif: removed the old partial transfer logic since the new code doesn't seem to break anything. Feb 01 (3 days ago) cottonvibes
r2549 +3 newVif: Rewrote the way partial transfers are handled. The code is very simple now and doesn't need the vif unpack interpreter anymore for partial transfers. Need some more testing done before I remove the code for the old way... Feb 01 (3 days ago) cottonvibes
r2548 +7 SPU2-X: - Don't the whole core on a core reset. Fixes sound in Silver Surfer, Silent Hill Shattered Memories and prolly others. (SH becomes playable with this. ;) Still needs GSdx software though. ) Feb 01 (3 days ago) ramapcsx2
r2547 +1 Some reorganization of my iop dmac code, hopefully for the better. Jan 31 (4 days ago) gigaherz
r2546 +3 Tweak a few things in Sif. Jan 31 (4 days ago) arcum42
r2545 +3 eh, oops. let's not clear memcard settings on ok/apply. Jan 31 (5 days ago) Jake.Stine
r2544 Update the Linux project files. A few minor changes I had sitting around. Jan 30 (5 days ago) arcum42
r2543 +1 Committing some messed up partial memorycard options panel implementation... planning to redo it but I want this on record as a backup, just in case. (all disabled, so not much to look at and nothing changed in the emu itself yet) Jan 30 (5 days ago) Jake.Stine
r2542 Typo Jan 30 (5 days ago) gigaherz
r2541 Move a bit of code into the IopDmaStart function. In the rare case it caused any kind of noticeable slowdown (applies to the new dmac only, which is disabled by default), it could be easily reverted. Jan 30 (5 days ago) gigaherz
r2540 +4 Sif: Revert one of the changes from r2537, as Sif acts a bit whackier then I thought. Jan 29, 2010 arcum42
r2539 +1 Revising some logging messages. Jan 28, 2010 arcum42
r2538 Sif: Rename functions. Move iopsifbusy. Jan 28, 2010 arcum42
r2537 Sif: Refinements on my last commit. Jan 28, 2010 arcum42
r2536 Split Sif 0 and Sif 1 into separate files. Jan 28, 2010 arcum42
r2535 Add a few structs and defines to IopHw.h Jan 28, 2010 arcum42
r2534 +2 GSdx: better version of my previous commit. Jan 28, 2010 Jake.Stine
r2533 GSdx: Another attempted fix for Issue 553. Jan 28, 2010 Jake.Stine
r2532 +1 Fix attempt for Issue 533 - appcrash on closing GS window. Jan 28, 2010 Jake.Stine
r2531 +2 GSdx: Crash on config ok'd fixed. Jan 27, 2010 Jake.Stine
r2530 +1 -2 GSdx: Removed obsolete/redundant options from the configuration dialog (vsync, fullscreen, and other things now controlled by 0.9.7). This only affects GSdx when run from 0.9.7 -- older versions of PCSX2 still have the same options. PCSX2: Added an optional PS2EsetEmuVersion callback for plugins, so that plugins (like GSdx) can alter behavior based on the version of emulator calling them. Jan 27, 2010 Jake.Stine
r2529 +1 Added more info to GS window. Added const qualifiers to VIF and DMAC hw register structs/unions. Jan 27, 2010 Jake.Stine
r2528 +2 * Vsync setting is retained more reliably across suspend/resume/plugin config. * fps/cpu% readout is a bit more stable. * Plugin config menus update plugin names after on-the-fly changes. Jan 27, 2010 Jake.Stine
r2527 Sif: Renamed a few functions. Added a check on fifo reading/writing. A few other minor changes. Jan 27, 2010 arcum42
r2526 +5 Linuz CDVDiso: Fix compilation errors in debug builds. Jan 26, 2010 Jake.Stine
r2525 +2 SSSPSXpad: Fix crash when binding keys (Issue 550). Jan 26, 2010 Jake.Stine
r2524 +1 LinuzCDVDiso: Added the dual layer detection fix already present in the internal iso loader (fixes running some DVD9 games from iso, like God of War 1 and Rogue Galaxy). Jan 26, 2010 Jake.Stine

Download Now:

pcsx2 svn2561


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