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Sony PSP 6.20 loophole be exposed!

New exploit exposed!

Hacker pspjoke released two archive vulnerability data profiles which can come into effect in 6.20 system, and immediately aroused many people passion active in the field of PSP cracked. The real play has begun after experience a lot of 6.20 cracked false news. They do not come up with a home-made system are not willing to give up.
The 6.20 archive loopholes summarized as follows:
(1)    can work on any console
(2)    Hello World based on this vnluerability has been completed and tested
(3)    Above this basis eLoader being jointly developed by several hackers
(4)    The name of game which exposed this vulnerability is not publicly(it will be nipped in the bud by Sony if public)
People who focus on this matter and give pspjoke help are follows:
SilverSpring: who found TA-088 v3 motherboard, and done a lot of work for helping pspjoke.
: mfm forum administrator (mfm forum was break ground of PSP3000 cracked last year)
Wololo: well-known PSP crack commentator (there are forums gamers think that this person is Sony’s spy … …)
n00b81: former DA forum moderator, participated and helped a lot of work on cracking.


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