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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep English Patch v0.4

Here Comes Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep English Patch by fan.

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Instructions (also included in the file) :

-Extract all the package somewhere.
-Extract BBS0.dat, BBS1.dat and BBS3.dat files (If you are using the 0.5 ISO then use those, but if you are using the old method, use the BBS_DEC files) from your BBS ISO.
-Open ppf-o-matic3.exe included in the package and patch them.
-Rebuild the ISO using the new BBSX.dat files (X being all the files) and the eboot.bin included in the package.

(Note: To rebuild the ISO with UMDGen you first have to choose the files, delete them and then drag the new file.)

If you weren't using BBS patch v0.5, I included the plugins in the package.
-Copy the whole KHBBS folder from the package, to your Memory Stick root.
-Go to seplugins and add "ms0:/KHBBS/KHBBS_patch.prx 1" (without the quotes) to the file game.txt (if you don't have such file, create it.

Translated :
Menus: 90%
Journal: 15%
System messages: 60%
Storyline: 1%
Minigames: 65%
Various: 100%


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