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-English Translation V 2.0

**Patch made by Einishi**

Link updated 03/08/2010:
Download Now

ISO Tool 1.60 Prometheus Module 0.6 Beta 1:
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1_ Save the ISO Tool in PSP>Game. And The ISO in ISO folder inside your memory stick.
2_ Run the ISO Tool from your PSP and select the Project Diva ISO and then Patch>Prometheus. (this will automatically install the MP3 Fix)
3_ Open your newly patched ISO in UMD GEN (its in the english translation patch) and extract the EBOOT.OLD.
4_ Rename the EBOOT.OLD to EBOOT.BIN and then patch it without decrypting it with the english translation patch.
5_ Rename the EBOOT.BIN back to EBOOT.OLD.
6_ Open UMD GEN and your PD2nd ISO again and replace your old EBOOT.OLD with your newly patched EBOOT.OLD
7_ Save the iso in a new folder and put it in PSP>ISO
8_ Enjoy.

The important thing about doing in this way is that you will be able to save a MP3FIX iso for further updates of the english patch.
I tested the ISO in GEN-C 5.03 and Prometheus 5.03.


EBOOT.OLD/EBOOT.BIN (MP3 FIX and English Patch V 2.0)

Just put them in the SYSDIR directory.

Download Now


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