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[PSP] Custom Firmware 5.00 TZS-6 !!!

The developers The Z and Sawaz present a new “Custom Firmware” called 5,00 TZS-6 that allow us “to emulate” the new developments of official firmware 6.31 in 5.00 M33, although at the moment is only compatible with PSP Slim.

- Icons of 6.31, like SensMe, Extras, Digitalis Comics… etc
- The waves of PSPGo
- PSNLover to enter to the Store integrated in the Flash0
- Plugin m33_620 integrated in flash0 for compatibility with the new games
- Name change of Update of network to Update of Software.
- Support of Go-Cam XMB and GAME
- Recovery Menu 5,00 m33-7
- New name: 5,00 TZS-6 (The Z Sawaz)

1. - Must have 5.00 M33-6
2. - Connected to the network and sufficient battery 80% of battery
3. - Decompressed firmware and Copy it to root ms0/PSP/Game
4. - Create a folder called kd620 in the root of the memory card , if you already created, perfect, no need to create it,we copy the file usbcam and usbmic.prx, that can be found in the same folder of the Custom Firmware.
5. - In the seplugins folder eliminate the archives psnlover.prx and m33_620.prx and their routes in vsh.txt and game.txt
6. - In the VSH/XMB we executed the 5.00 TZS-6
7. - Install the Custom Firmware
8. - We entered the Recovery menu -» Configuration -» Fake region: Korea
9. - We activated version.txt and we go to Hacks of the registry and changed to accept to X and and no to O
10. - ENJOY your new Custom Firmware 5.00/6.31

NOTE: At the moment it is only compatible in PSP Slim

Download Now:

Custom Firmware 5.00 TZS-6


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