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PSFreedom Jailbreak PS3 released for N900

Oh! My Dream Nokia N900 Phone.

This HP is super cool. It use Linux OS called Maemo 5, a derivation from Debian. Other than official Linux OS bya Nokia, there are open source OS for N900. Mer(derivation from Ubuntu), Harmattan,MeeGo(Unity of Maemo + Moblin. The best is it has QWERTY keyboard + Touch Screen Keyboard. 666MHz Processor best for emulation. Enough about this supercool phone. Let's hack PS3!

Can't find a shop that carries Teensy's, AT980USB's or Blackcat USB JTAG's to load PSGroove but own a Nokia N900? Someone has ported PSGroove to Nokia N900.

Hi everyone,

As promised, here’s an update on my implementation of the PSJailbreak exploit : IT WORKS!

I made a video to show you, but I suck at making videos, so we can’t really see what’s going… I’ll do a better one tomorrow.

It’s 9:30 AM here, and I really need to go to sleep, I’ll post more about this tomorrow, and I’ll release the code tomorrow for everyone to enjoy, compile, contribute, read, laugh at, etc…

So here’s the binary release of PSFreedom (thanks to xnt14 for the name) : PSFreedom driver

I would like to thank 3 people in particular who helped me, encouraged me and helped debug with me : NTAuth, philhug and phire (a.k.a phiren) from EFNet.

So here’s how it works.. download the .tar.gz, extract it, copy the files to your n900 (with scp, into /root), then ssh into your N900 and type : ./psfreedom-enable.sh

Then you can follow the usual procedure, unplug the PS3 from power, plug in the N900, connect the power to the PS3, then press power and *quickly* press the eject button… Then just let the magic happen!

Once you’re done or want to revert back to the normal operation mode of the N900 (or to charge it) run the command ./psfreedom-disable.sh

In the future, we’ll have a nice package to install, a GUI application, I’ll make use of the LEDs to show you the status of what it’s doing, and i’ll have it auto-revert to mass storage mode, so you can use your N900 not only to enable homebrew but also to store your homebrew!

See you tomorrow! Good night!


Source: KaKaRoTo's Blog
Source Code: http://github.com/kakaroto/PSFreedom


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