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PSP anda boleh dihack atau tidak?

Nak tau PSP anda boleh dihack atau tidak?
Rujuk ini:

Completely Hackable (CHA)
Partially Hackable (PHA)

Note: PSP Ta-88v3 mobos tak boleh di hack, tapi Ta90v1 boleh.

Psp 1000 aka phat-all of them are hackable.
Psp-2000 slim old are hackable
PSP-2000 slim new and PSP 3000 with Firmware 5.03 are hackable.

Selain diatas...toksah tanya.

Following criterias can b considered:

1)The firmware your psp came with....
If its a 4.01,the chances that u can hack your psp is very low...because sony manufactured ta-88v3 mobo when the 4.01 was their main firmware....
i dont have any idea about what firmware ta-90v1 ships with so if anyone knows plz let me know....

3.60 Official Firmware: TA-085v1.
3.71 Official Firmware: TA-088v1.
3.72 Official Firmware: TA-085v2.
3.80 Official Firmware: TA-085v2 or TA-088v1.
3.90 Official Firmware: TA-088v1 or TA-088v2.
3.95 Official Firmware: TA-088v1 or TA-088v2.

4.01 Official Firmware: TA-088v2 or TA-088v3.
4.05 Official Firmware: TA-088v3

2)The serial code:

Psp-2001 with HU2 most probably has the ta-88v3 mobo.....
I personally dont think this is true .
so its better to overlook it.....
The serial code is located below the battery.

If that serial number is anything less than HU2160000, then the PSP has a TA-088v1 Motherboard.
If that serial number is anything more than HU2249999, then the PSP has a TA-088v3 Motherboard.
As for PSPs with serial numbers between HU2160000 and HU2249999, They’re in a gray zone (to me). The closer to HU2160000, the safer it is.
Any other serial (Say starting with HB, HC, HE or HJ) doesn’t matter at the moment.
Serial Numbers for ANY other PSP don’t matter at the moment.

3)The box code and limited edition psp:

(No Letter) = 3.60
A = 3.71
B = Unknown
C = 3.72
D = Unknown
E = 3.80
F = 3.90
G = 3.95 (TA-088v1) / 4.01 (TA-088v2) / 4.01 (TA-088v3)
I got a pic of this from somewhere longtime ago:

This is the best way to know whether u have a ta-88v3 mobo if u have a psp with old box type.
Limited Edition packs:

Daxter Limited Edition Pack (TA-85v2/3.80 OFW)(CONFIRMED)
God of War Limited Edition Pack (TA-88v2/3.95 OFW)(CONFIRMED)
Madden 09 Limited Edition Pack (TA-88v2/3.95 OFW & TA-88v3/4.01 OFW)(CONFIRMED)
Star Wars Darth Vader Edition Pack(TA-85v2)

PSP-2000 CW

That G is the letter in question. Here's a list of all the letters that the 2000 series ship with and their Motherboards:
[b](No Letter) = TA-085v1
A = TA-088v1
C = TA-085v2
E = TA-085v2 or TA-088v1
F = TA-088v1 or TA-088v2

G = TA-088v1 or TA-088v2 or TA-088v3
J = TA-088v3

Some Labels have an extra code written on it, usually “ss259”. That doesn’t matter, just look for the Capital Letter next to it (to the right).
4)New box types dont have the box codes as above but instead have a serial no. starting with AB.
See below:

Here if the code has AB01 in its initials then the psp is hackable
but if the code starts with AB02 it cant be hacked...

If the serial number is less than AB021600000, then it has a TA-088v1 Motherboard.
If the serial number is more than AB022499999, then it has a TA-088v3 Motherboard.
5)Date Code:

The 2000 Series Date Codes go as follows:
7C: CHA.
7D: CHA.
7(Any later Letter): CHA.

8A: CHA.
8B: CHA.

8C: Has Very High Chance that it is PHA or NHA.
8D: PHA or NHA.

This codes are usually never present on japanese and american psp.
They are found just above the serial code under the battery that is it if it is present in ur psp....
I dont have a pic but if somebody has it plz give it to me....
if its 8c then u cant hack ur psp...8b can usually be hacked....and below that all are safe for u to buy!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~


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