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Apple vs Android

Apple is Very Afraid of Android

Claiming a 25% market share globally already, there are no signs that the growth of Android is coming to an end anytime soon, market researchers from Canalys said.

Around The World

In the rest of the world, where Nokia is dominant and Apple is available more widely, Android’s 16% market share is only slightly bigger than Apple’s 14%.

Looking at the longer term, it’s easy to see that Android will overtake Apple in almost every respect. Consumers want competitively priced handsets, and access to an open app ecosystem. Android Phones offer substantially more for less. Just like you can get more bang for your buck with a PC, you can also get more phone for your money with Android. Further supporting the growth of Android around the world is the fact that there are numerous top tier manufacturers that have publicly stated their commitment to producing quality touchscreen low priced Android Phones.

As Android continues to explode worldwide, developers will have even greater incentive to introduce high quality apps for the benefit of every Android phone user.

The Research Shows

A new report created by leading research firm Canalys shows that Android OS will achieve double the growth of competitors like Apple’s iOS, BlackBerry OS, and Symbian over the year 2011. Despite what many are saying about the release of iPhone on Verizon, leading analysts are saying this will do nothing to hamper Android’s immense and staggering ascent to the top spot.

Other issues such as fragmentation (different versions of the operating system) have always been a heated topic from a development standpoint, but will do little to slow down the worldwide adoption of Android. Most recently, Android surpassed iOS in terms of overall Ad Impressions in the United States. This observation serves to further compliment the idea that Android is going to be the biggest mobile smartphone O/S in the very near future.

Principal Analyst Chris Jones had this to say about Android’s growth

The growth of Android has been phenomenal, as well the number of related devices launched with different hardware and software specifications. This has led to the market perception of it as a fragmented platform, though we believe that growth will continue as the pace of Android OS upgrades slows.

Android will grow more than twice the rate of major competitors in 2011

Android will continue to grow at more than twice the rate of its major smart phone competitors in 2011, despite concern over fragmentation and the arrival of the iPhone 4 on Verizon in the US. According to Canalys Q3 2010 estimates, the Google-backed platform already claims a 25% share of the worldwide smart phone market, with over 20 million shipments of Android-based worldwide.

The growth of Android has been phenomenal, and the number of Android devices launched with different hardware has been equally stunning.



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