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10th Sarawak State Election 16 April 2011

The tenth Sarawak state election will be held on April 16, 2011 after nomination for candidates on April 6. The purpose of the election is to elect 71 representatives to the Sarawak State Assembly (Dewan Undangan Negeri in Malay). The ninth state assembly was dissolved by Yang di-Pertua Negeri Sarawak, Tun Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng on the advice of Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud on March 21, 2011. The previous state election in Sarawak was held in 2006.

Just before the dissolution of Sarawak State Assembly, the Sarawak branch of the federal ruling coalition Barisan Nasional hold 63 state seats, of which the Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu had 35 seats, Sarawak United People's Party 12 seats, Parti Rakyat Sarawak 8 seats and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party 8 seats. The opposition parties held eight seats in total; the federal opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat had seven seats (Democratic Action Party had six, and Parti Keadilan Rakyat had one), while the remaining one seat was held by Parti Cinta Malaysia.


Some of May Important Chronology, Story & Propaganda:

2010/2011 - A lot of wrong doing related with Taib accusation being reported by http://www.sarawakreport.org especially about land etc. True? Lie? Who knows.

15/11/2010 - First Broadcasting of Radio Free Sarawak is a pirate radio station established by social activist and journalist, Clare Rewcastle Brown and helmed by Sarawakian social activist, Peter John Jaban

21/03/11 - The ninth state assembly was dissolved. 16/04/11 announced for a new state election. At the same time, seks scandal video revealed by Datuk 'T' which denied by DSAI

29/03/11 - PKR accused to ask donation to support this election.

31/03/11 - 4 MP Keadilan pursue SPRM to investigate 'RASUAH' by BN
              - Chief Minister Taib entered online politics by posted a video deny accusation on him.

02/04/11 - Datuk Seri Najib visit Penang to show that Goverment not left Penang people even not under BN territory. Might related a bit :p

03/04/11 - BN candidates announced. Anwar speak stop by the Police.

04/04/11 - PR seat not yet been revealed while Utusan reported SNAP and PKR still fighting regarding seat. PKR (deeply) said that SNAP is a dying party which sponsored by BN to disturb the vote.

That's all I know, anything that I left of this drama? Let me know.


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