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[PSP]Game Decrypter by Yoshihiro (GEN Team)

Application untuk bolehkan game OFW 5.55 ke atas dimainkan ke CFW 5.03 GEN dan CFW 5.50 GEN dah keluar akhirnya :)

Range To decipher by Yoshihiro: Made turn your backup of plays 5.55 in ISO is OUT

When it with decided to leave the scene there is nearly three years (see our news on this subject), much deplored the loss of this developer of talent. Yoshihiro however took again service there is little, it then hustled the world of the homebrews while proposing neither more nor less than one emulator DS for our PSP (last version in date).
Lately, it again has surprised the players by proposing XGen Updater, which can directly install the 5.50 GEN-B2 since any PSP with Custom Firmware higher than the 3.71M33 via the Pandora battery.

Today, Yoshihiro presents a tool which will charm all the players of the community: Decrypter range, which will allow to the owners plays requiring firmware 5.55 to be able there to play on Custom Firmwares 5.50GEN-B and 5.03GEN.
With this intention, you will have to recover file EBOOT.BIN of an ISO which you will have created thanks to utility UMDGEN.

The majority of the plays requiring the 5.55 could be treated with this tool. Certain plays (list soon available) will be impermeable with handling, they will require a patch of the image of that created to make turn Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. But in general, you will be able to finally play your clean backups, without more having to install official firmware.

Which PSP can benefit from it?

* PSP in Custom Firmware 5.50GEN-B (see this article).
* The PSP 2000-v3 and 3000 using the 5.03GEN (to read this article). (to use the mode M33 driver in the menu vsh)

We can thus applaud with the two hands our developer, do not hesitate to pass over our forum to express your joy.

From Psp Gen

Range To decipher by Yoshihiro

Remote loading, instructions and directions for use available
in the card of remote loading below.


1 :lets go first you need to install the GameZDecryptZ folder in your X:PSP/GAME folder
2 : put your EBOOT.BIN extracted from UMDGEN PSP_GAME/SYSDIR and put it on root of your memory stick
3 : now you can boot game decrypter now you can press X 5 seconds later it's done :)
4 : connect your usb cable check on root of your memory stick you have a new folder called decryptor
5 : copy the eboot.bin from the decryptor folder inside umdgen and rebuild your iso.

Download Link: PSP_Games_Decrypter



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