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Malaysian banks OFFICIALLY accepted by PayPal

Now Malaysian can have options either to withdrawal money from PayPal Funds to their bank account or Credit/Debit card, what is more good news for you is it is cheaper to withdrawal your fun to bank then to credit or debit card. Anyway below is a brief comparison for Malaysian Paypal users.

Below are Malaysian banks which are accepted by PayPal. The list include a number of foreign banks with branches in Malaysia. The “MEPS Bank Routing Code” and “Bank Name” are required when you add a bank account in your PayPal account.

Refer details here


a1zudd1n said...

kad maybank aku ade logo visa..
tapi bile ak nak dftr kat web paypal yg ko bg 2..
dy kate : 'This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer's customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.'

nape ek??

cyclonmaster said...

Tak tau la. ko guna bank apa? Kad tu masih aktif ke? Belum tamat tempoh?

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