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Stok baru dah sampai.

Soalan Berkenaan Bateri Pandora

Q: What is the Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick?
A: They are a combination of items that, when inserted into a PSP, allow unbricking and downgrading regardless of firmware (except if the IDStorage is corrupt or broken, more on that later).

Q: Will the Pandora Battery fit on both FAT and SLIM PSP's
A: Yes our Pandora Batteries will fit both the PSP 1000 and PSP 2000 console. Will not work on PSP2000 TA82v3 and PSP3000 above.

Q: Can the Battery be used more than once?
A: Yes. The Pandora Battery can be used as many times as you wish

Q: Can this battery harm my PSP in any way?
A: No. You have nothing to worry about.

Bateri pandora ni sangat berguna untuk downgrade PSP.
Repair PSP yang dah rosak firmware, NAND, idstorage dan sebagainya.
Juga boleh digunakan untuk backup/restore NAND & idstorage.

Available: 2 Item  (UPDATE: 1 Item sold, hurry up ;) )

Bateri Pandora PSP(PSP 1000/2000 1800mAh/3.6V) = RM80
CD Pandora Magic Stick Installer & Manual penggunaan = RM2
Kos Penghantaran: RM8 (Untuk area Kuching boleh "By Hand")


Ada 3 bateri Pandora yang aku ada sekarang. Cepat...cepat... :)

Sila Hubungi saya untuk tempahan: cyclonmaster@gmail.com
Notes: sesiapa yang nak Bateri Pandora PSP Slim/2000 = RM85, sila buat tempahan awal.

Terima kasih.


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