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Tips Quick Download From Rapidshare

I had post this tutorial in my twin blog. I never posted it here. So here's the tips.

As a Premium User there is no problem at all. but as a free user some problem might happen such as slow download, disconnected, faile not completed etc. As a free user, this is the tips for you. Can be apply portably anywhere, in cyber cafe etc. because I'm explaning with a portable application.

Tools used:

1. Firefox 3.0.5  or Portable Firefox 3.0.5

2. Flashgot (Firefox addon)

3. Portable Internet Download Manager 5.15. Recommended to use IDM full is you are at home. No need portable application.

4. Of course internet connection ;)

Okay, here's the steps:

Open firefox browser and insert address link rapidshare as usual. It will show "Free User" atau " Premium User". Click "Free User"


Step 2:

Sometimes "waiting time" will not pop up. If there any, just wait until "Waiting Time" ended. Then, page like in the picture below will come out. Click at "+ Advanced Download Settings"

Step 3:
In that option tu, select "Teleglobe" or "level 3". Then start "Download"


Step 4:
If you have install flashgot in firefox, then menu as per below will pop up. Tick "flashgot" and select(browse if not in the list) "Internet Download Manager". And click "OK". Now, the download progress will much better.


Good Luck!!! (^,^)


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