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PCSP v0.2.0 released!

It is finaly here!. Something that you were waiting for Smile . A brand new version of pcsp emulator. There are plenty of fixes and speedups in this release , a few more games are aware to be playable (Puzzle bobble , Super Fruitfall , kazook and maybe more).

This release also comes with pcsp-udb , our frontend for pcsp with a fancy list , psp covers , game screenshots etc. It is correctly in developing so some bugs are there , some features aren't . Be notice! The first time it will scan your iso directory it will take time to create files and checked then with CRC32. The second run is faster. 

Enough of that , Let's go to the changelog:

Full VFPU support (many with some bugs and not optimized)
Added command line parser to pcsp so it can be used with pcsp-xmb and pcsp-udb.
Added a critical message when trying to run the emulator with a CPU without SSE/SSE2 instruction set
-New texture system
-Now supports correct DXT and other formats that used to be wrong.
-Also does correct blending, texture states etc.
-Better clear function.
-Implementation of the NREV ge command (normal reverse)
-Implementation of CMD_XPOS1, CMD_XPOS2 and CMD_XSIZE
-Implementation of sceDisplayAdjustAccumulatedHcount,sceDisplayGetVco unt,sceDisplayGetCurrentHcount​,sceGeEdramGetAddr
-Fixed sceGeEdramGetSize
-Implementation of sceImposeGetBatteryIconStatus .
-New IO system
-Supports directory reading , raw sector reading , correctly memcard IO operations and a lot more fixes
-Fixed some alloc/dealloc mismatches
-Intergrated debugger
-Logger/Stdout/Stderr tabs in Debugger
-Sysmem viewer
-Added window menu so each dock window can toggleview
-Implementation of sceKernelGetSystemTime , sceKernelSysClock2USec
-Correct implementation for sceKernelGetSystemTimeLow,sceKernelGetSystemTimeWi de ,sceKernelUSec2SysClock
-Complete rewrite of Kernel VPL and Kernel FPL HLE instruction set.
-Implementation of sceImposeSetLanguageMode,sceImposeGetLanguageMode
-Implementation of sceIoDevctl 0x02025806 and 0x02425823 cmd commands
-Always On Top option in menu
-Added messageboxes for encrypted games (pcsp will report now if you try to load an encrypted game).
-No more flickering when interacting with menus
-A workaround to fix memory allocation issues. Pcsp should now work with aero enabled.
-More logging to Attrac3 HLE .No implementation at the time
-Rewrote detection of Boot files.They now report ok. (some games used to reported that they are encrypted and they weren't) 

Download Now:

PCSP v0.2.0


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