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XLink Kai is a global gaming network - bringing together XBox 360, XBox, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Gamecube and PSP users, in one integrated community. It is software running on your PC or Macintosh that allows you to play system-link enabled games online for free. Kai is the only service that is not console specific, and boasts one of the friendliest communites available.

Jom kita main game PSP online.
Dengan Xlink Kai kita boleh main semua game PSP yg ada multiplayer adhoc secara online seperti game Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, PES 2010, Need For Speed dan sebagainya.

1) Mula-mula register kat sini:


Akaun ini nanti akan jadi akaun X-Tag anda utk main secara online. Macam akaun Xbox Live le ni

2) Sedut fail Installer Xlink Kai v7 dari web tersebut. (Jgn ambil versi beta)
Windows XP/2000/Vista/7


3) Sekarang Setup Network.

Apa yang perlu ada ialah
a] Sambungan Internet(Rekomen kecepatan 1Mb/s)
b] USB Wireless Adapter - (Tak boleh guna Wireless kat modem, mesti asing2 sebab Wireless modem guna infrastructure, yg kita nak guna adalah adhoc)

Dalam kes ni saya guna: Ralink 802.11b/g 54M USB Wireless Adapter.
(Sapa nak boleh order dari aku :)


Refer sini tips install:


Sekarang kita perlu enablekan adhoc USB Wireless Adapter tadi untuk Xlink Kai.

Right klik pada My Computer>Properties>Hardware>Device manager
Pada Network Adapter, right klik pada USB Wireless Adapter anda>Properties>Advanced.

Select PSP Xlink Mode dan set value=enable.

Pada menu Wireless Utility:
Klik More Setting:
Klik Change:
Tx Rate=Auto
SSID: tak payah ubah
Network Type=Ad-Hoc
Encryption= Disable


1. Log in

Start XLink Kai on your computer. Enter your XTag and password to sign in (you may change the default login options by running the XLink Kai Configuration Tool).

2. Check Kai Diagnostics

First, start by placing a system-link / LAN enabled game in to your console. Proceed to the system-link / multiplayer menu of the particular game, and tell your console to search for games. Leave the console for now, and take a look at the Kai Diagnostics panel within Kai (you must press the icon, then the icon).

If you see your console has been detected and configured successfully, well done! 

3. Navigate and Play!

Start playing by finding your way around Kai. Meet up with some opponents and battle it out!

Ni aku main game Tekkeb 6 ngan budak mana ntah...online.

Meh le main sama2, main ramai2 game Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Phantasy Star Portable, Call Of Duty, Need For Speed, Tekken 6, PES 2010. Sapa dah setup xlink kai dan nak battle just bagi tau


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