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PSP 3D Plugin v0.2 Released

You want to play PSP Games in 3D? Then, here's your solution. A great PSP Plugin for Hacked PSP.

Version 0.2 support for more games and improved stability is pspwizard with PSP 3D v0.2. Activate this plugin and you’ll be playing the games mentioned below in 3D — red/cyan anaglyph 3D that is.

Supported Games

* Metal Gear Solid – Portable Ops (new)
* Star Wars Battle Front 2 (new)
* Death Jr. (new)
* GripShift (new)
* Tomb Raider Legends (new – light flickering)
* Ratchet & Clank- Size Matters
* Prince of Persia- Revelations
* Prince of Persia- Rival Swords


1. Copy “psp3dv0.2.prx” & “psp3d.cfg” to your plugins folder.
2. Add a new line to game.txt, for example:
ms0:/seplugins/psp3dv0.2.prx 1
3. Restart your PSP (or HEN)
4. Run a supported game
5. Put on your red/cyan anaglyph glasses
6. Press the “Note” button to activate

Also added in v0.2 is support for different colour schemes, which should be set to match the colour of your 3D glasses. Open psp3d.cfg and you’ll notice a new directive called “COLOR_MODE.” The following options are accepted:

* R -> red / blue
* G -> green / purple
* Y-> yellow / blue (also known as ColorCode3D)

Demo Gran Turismo 3D:

Download Now

Takde cermin mata 3D? Get one here: http://geostigmashop.blogspot.com/


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