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Blackberry Curve 8520 error 523 problem solution


I'm not a Blackberry user, also not interested with it at all. Just helping a friend of mine fix his phone. I'm more on Android platform. Since this is an annoying problem, simple soultion for this. There are 3 ways which is:

A) Perform soft reset: Blackberry on, then hold alt + shift(up arrow) + del
it should restart.

B) Perform hard reset: pull off battery and put it back.

If the problem persist, you should go to last method,

C) Perform BB software update. Follow step below:

1)you should have the latest Blackberry desktop manager:
you can update for your desktop manager or download it free from blackberry website. I had V.5.0.1.

2)you should download the frimware. it is better to download from blackberry website. here is the link that i download (it dose not matter what carrier you use you can download any of them)

3) after download. install this exe file. donot run desktop manager yet

4) goto C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
and delete vendor.xml

5) now run your blackberry desktop manager.
goto application loader . then goto update software.
after it initialize your phone it shows you that recommanded to update to os 5 BUT when you want to continue it will show you that "no update needed" or "you should be subcribed user to update" SO
do not close this page.

6) go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
and run loader.exe now

7) in the list choose what you want to install.(here you will see the blackberry OS5 is ticked already)

8)complete your install (it take some time (for me around 15 min)

9) then your device will be restart and as it first run it take more than 10 min to start.

10) now you have OS5 on you blackberry. you can check it on menu>settings>about


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