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Akan Datang: Dragon Ball Z Movie 14

Some new details about Toei Animation's 14th animated theatrical Dragon Ball Z movie via Kanzenshuu and DB-Z.com: the title could be "The Mightiest Make Their Move".  The director is Masahiro Hosoda (known from several Cell Games episodes), the script is written by YĆ«suke Watanabe, and animation direction will be done by Tadayoshi Yamamuro (a veteran of the franchise).  It will be released in Japanese theaters on 30 March 2013.  Akira Toriyama appears to be “deeply involved” with the script and has written a special note:

"It’s rare, or I should say, it’s the first time, that I’ve been deeply involved with the animation from the scriptwriting stage. As it had been a while, there was a lot I’d forgotten, but as expected of the creator of the original work, I was soon able to get back into the tempo of things, at least. For this film, while leaving the atmosphere of the original intact, we’ve added just a little bit of modern flavor, so I think it will be an enjoyable piece of entertainment, just like old times."


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