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Paypal Wishlist Earning Already Paid

Since Malaysia/East Asia officially accepted by Paypal. Paypal had run a campaign through Facebook to advertise their services which called "PAYPAL WIISHLIST" . Any facebook user who join the campaign will be given $1 USD and every $1 USD will be given for each user their refer. The money can be collected up to maximum $100 USD per user. You can refer to my previous articles here - Malaysian banks OFFICIALLY accepted by PayPal

Based on my previous articles - Let's Join Paypal Wishlist - EARN UP to $100 USD.
I had refer as many friends as I can I had earn $64 USD. That's the bast I can do...hu...hu...hu... :(

Well yesterday, Paypal send an email:


YOU'VE GOT CASH! Thanks for participating in the Paypal Wishlist Promotion
Hi cyclonmaster,

Did your friends take your hint to buy you gifts you asked for using your PayPal WishList you created in Facebook? We sure hope so! And just as we've promised, you've earned some cash for helping us spread the word about the PayPal WishList app. We also hope you've enjoyed using it.

The cash you've earned from the WishList promotion will be credited into your PayPal account. (If you don't see the earnings just yet, it means we're still working on it and we'll credit it to your account shortly.) To claim your money, log in to your account and click "Accept" next to the earnings - you'll have 30 days to claim your money.

And the I check my paypal account:

Yeaaa!!! I got money for free. It's time for shopping. Thanks Paypal :)


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